Studio FAQ

What makes the Peckins Studio unique?

Joshua Peckins has extensive, international performance experience and training, and is also deeply devoted to his students and the studio. This combination offers students an opportunity to study technique and interpretation skills that have been tested and proved on the concert stage with a teacher who is sincerely committed to their personal learning and growth.

Joshua has performed throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, from Carnegie Hall to Bejing’s Performance Arts Center. Locally, he has performed with top orchestras including the Boston Philharmonic and A Far Cry, as well as played numerous solo recitals and concertos with orchestra (Brahms, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Sarasate, Mozart, Bach, John Williams, etc.) He has performed for the federal president of Austria and made concert tours in Japan, Italy, France, South America, etc. Joshua is committed to passing on these skills to his students.

While a concert career certainly may not be the right fit for every student, these attitudes of excellence and joy in artistic, high level performance are available to everyone. Through one-on-one private teaching and a variety of innovative enrichment projects and studio-wide initiatives, Joshua brings the professional concert experience into the teaching studio.

For students considering auditioning for the Peckins Studio, this detailed PDF has been prepared.

Peckins Studio FAQ

It covers the following topics:

What makes the Peckins Studio unique?

What are enrichment projects?


What is studio class?

Help with orchestra and chamber music?

Performance library?

How much should a student practice?

Suzuki or Traditional?

Studio policy/schedule/what am I signing up for?

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