Art of the Recital presents:

November, 2017: Passion

Previous Performances:

Sunday, November 19, 3:00 PM – Second Congregational Church in Boxford

Thursday, November 30, 7:00 PM – First Church in Cambridge

Opening with Tartini’s tragic “Didone Abbandonata,” a sonata inspired by the heartbreaking story of Didone – history and myth often focus on the heroic conquests of Aeneas, while his scorned lover Didone is left to suffer alone, in the wake of his triumphs.  This passionate, baroque sonata captures her love and suffering.

Bach’s Solo Sonata No 2 is a monumental totem of the violin repertoire, not only because of Bach’s exquisite expressive genius, but also for the sheer technical difficulty imposed on the violinist!  (You can hear some of this piece on the listen page, recorded live at a recital by Joshua in Asahikawa, Japan.)

Arvo Paert, a living composer, wrote “Fratres” in in 1980.  Accessible and engaging,  this short work dazzles with magnificent chordal climaxes and and bewitches with profoundly calm, peaceful melodies.  If you are not yet familiar with Arvo Paert’s work, you are sure to become a fan after hearing this recital!

The Strauss Sonata is considered by many to be among the most virtuosic works ever written for the violin and piano.  Sweeping arcs of melody, charming cafe style romances, pyrotechnic displays of technique, and a youthful optimism throughout earn this sonata its rightful place among the masterpieces of the Romantic Period.  (You can hear excerpts from this sonata on the listen page, recorded by Joshua in Montreal, Canada.)

Encores Silent Night and Polka by Schnittke introduce one of the composers in the Spring 2018 recitals.  Silent Night is a beautiful, but ironic, take on the holiday favorite.  Polka is every bit as fun as the name implies!

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