Bach. Beethoven. Brahms. Mozart

Art of the Recital presents:

Fall/Winter, 2019: Bach. Beethoven. Brahms. Mozart

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Sunday, November 10, 2019, 3:00 PM, Congregational Church of Topsfield, MA

Sunday, November 17, 2019, 3:00 PM, Payson Park Church in Belmont, MA

Mozart           Sonata in e minor, K 304

Beethoven     Sonata No 10

Bach               Solo Partita No 2

Brahms          Sonata No 3 in d minor

This is a program of masterpieces, truly some of the greatest repertoire ever written for violin and piano. Featuring the final violin/piano sonatas ever written by both Beethoven and Brahms, this program also includes the legendary “Chaccone” by Bach!

Beethoven’s Sonata No 10 reflects his maturing style and profound sensitivity for the human condition. In this beautiful, tender sonata, Beethoven puts aside some of the bravura and show of his earlier works to write what Enescu, the famous virtuoso, referred to as “the true Spring Sonata.”

Bach’s Solo Partita No 2 includes the legendary “Chaconne.” Often called the greatest work every written for solo violin, it is a dazzling display of Baroque virtuosity and a powerful, transformative work of art.

Mozart’s Sonata in e minor, K 304, is a brief but haunting piece in two movements. Mozart, master of beauty and the joy of life, crafts a tender mix of love, fragility, exuberance, and sincerity.

Brahms’ Sonata No 3 is personal and filled with love, equal parts passionate and comforting. This romantic work sparkles both on the technical and emotional levels, and will bring our program to a dramatic finale!

Click below to listen to Joshua and Eliko perform the Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, Larghetto, for a taste of what’s in store for you on this very special recital program:

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