Lecture Recital: Invitation to Bach and Ysaye

The Concept

Violinist Joshua Peckins presents a series of lecture recitals featuring solo violin music by Bach and Ysaye, with warm and personal stories about the composers and their music, performed live in intimate recital settings.

Perfect for concert series, as well as other venues such as museums, libraries and schools, Invitation to Bach and Ysaye has brought the power of live performance and the personal touch of storytelling to communities annually since 2015, with over 30 recital performances that have reached hundreds of audience members.

For all booking inquiries, please contact Anne Christiansen at: booking@joshuapeckins.com  |  (617) 383-4556

Joshua has a gift of capturing audiences’ attention with inspiring, moving, and educational stories about the music.  Those stories can be the window into deep appreciation of a live performance.

The Music

This season pairs Bach’s D minor Partita (which includes the legendary Ciaccona!) and Ysaye’s Fifth Solo Sonata – two of the most virtuosic and expressive works ever written for the violin.  Their composition spanning over 200 years, these masterworks showcase the violin’s hugely diverse musical and technical potential, ranging from elegant and refined movements from the Baroque Period to sweeping arcs of sound and storytelling from the post-Romantic.  George Enescu, the legendary Romanian violinist and colleague of Ysaye, described Bach’s solo violin music as “the Himalayas of violinists.”  This is solo violin music at its best.

Here is an excerpt from Joshua’s performance of the Bach A minor Sonata, recorded live:

Invitation to Bach and Ysaye puts listeners face-to-face with live, solo violin performance.  In Joshua’s own words:

“There is something intimate and powerful in talking with an audience and playing solo works in a recital venue, where the audience and performer are usually relatively close to one another.  Through stories and proximity, both player and listener start to see each other as real people – something that is easily lost in our day of digital recordings, celebrities, and gigantic concert halls.  Add to that the sound of the solo violin, which is so stunning and captivating when heard close-up and live!”

Vienna House Concert

Above, a picture from a lecture recital Joshua performed in Vienna, Austria, in the private courtyard of photographer Erich Leonhard.

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2019-2020 marks the fifth season of Invitation to Bach and Ysaye!

Past performances have been sponsored by: Boston Public Library, the New School of Music, Watertown Winter Concert Series, Somerville Public Libraries, Winsor School, Winchester Community Music School, Weaver Library in RI, Prosser Public Library in CT, East Providence Library in RI, Lassel College, Woburn Library, The Commons in Lincoln, Wellesley Library, Belmont Library, and Laurelmead Concert Series in RI.

You can read about the cultural impact of recent performances here.

Above, photos from performances in Somerville and Boxford.

The Details / Booking

Invitation to Bach and Ysaye is a 45-minute to 1-hour program, requiring minimal set-up and only a solo, non-amplified violin.  Small recital halls and other gathering spaces are ideal venues.  In-house, private concerts can be considered upon request.

For all booking inquiries, please contact Anne Christiansen at: booking@joshuapeckins.com  |  (617) 383-4556