Studio Class!


A few hours from now, a group of hard-working, motivated students will perform their solo repertoire for each other in preparation for their formal recital two weeks from now.

Incidentally – all are welcome to attend that recital!  It’s free and open to the public, and it’s always a pleasure to hear beautiful music played by dedicated students.  Saturday, June 17, 3:00 PM, at the First Parish Church in Arlington Center, 630 Mass Ave.

Playing in studio class is one of the rare treats (and pressures!) of being a serious classical violin student.  Anyone who has gone through conservatory training is familiar with the ritual, but outside of that small niche, few usually are.  It is a safe place to try out new things in your playing – to test how solid your preparation is, to test your memorization, to test a new and free way of playing, to try a new technique or interpretation.

I am present more as facilitator than as teacher – these students hear more than enough of my advice in their private lessons!  But the advice they give each other is gold.  Studio class is usually the most humbling experience of the week for me, as I sit back and observe these remarkable young musicians –

A student who has perhaps been struggling will offer such a sincere piece of advice to one of his peers – and I see how hard he really is trying.

Another student will share a practice method that I mentioned several years ago – and I realize how closely she was paying attention.

An adult student will accept advice from a high-schooler – and I am reminded how sincere her desire to grow and learn is.

A young child will sit through a two-hour class with better attention than many college students – and I am struck by how much respect she has for the process.

Seeing people of all ages put themselves on the line, performing for their peers – and to see the same community of students turn it into a safe place of support and learning – this is why we all look forward to studio class so much!

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