Kreisler in the Rain (live recording!)

It’s a quiet, rainy day in Boston, so I decided to spend a few hours this afternoon reviewing and organizing some recordings of recent performances.  They tend to pile up very quickly, often sending me rushing to an electronics store to buy a fresh memory card before a concert since I haven’t had a chance to sort through the last recordings!

Finally listening to the recordings – facing the fear of hearing one’s own live performances, and separating the embarrassing takes from the gems – perhaps this is a musician’s spring cleaning.

Here is an excerpt from my last recital with Eliko Akahori – to whom I remain grateful for accepting the rubato in this interpretation of Kreisler’s Schoen Rosmarin!  What could cheer up a rainy afternoon more than a little Fritz Kreizler?  It made us smile to play it, and I am happy to share this brief recording with you today.