Invitation to Bach and Ysaye

Please accept a warm invitation to a series of informal lecture recitals I will be presenting this season, featuring solo violin music by Bach and Ysaye.

The first performance, on the “Back to Back Concert Series” of the Winchester Music School (October 18, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Winchester), featured Bach’s E Major Partita and Ysaye’s Ballade.

A lovely and enthusiastic audience of music lovers, concert goers, and community members filled the venue, and it was exciting and refreshing to interact directly with an audience, tell some of my favorite stories about this music, and of course to perform such masterworks live!

There is something intimate and powerful in talking with an audience and playing solo works in a recital venue, where the audience and performer are usually relatively close to one another.  Through stories and proximity, both player and listener start to see each other as real people – something that is easily lost in our day of digital recordings, celebrities, and gigantic concert halls.  Add to that the sound of the solo violin, which is so stunning and captivating when heard close-up and live!


I love this picture because it captures the warm interaction that is possible between a player and an audience member.  This was taken after a recital I played at Bleu Lavande, in Quebec, Canada.

When I talked about this with the audience in Winchester, there were many nodding heads and murmurs of agreement.  It is something that many of us crave.  The goal of these informal lecture recitals is to find the intimate and powerful experience of live music: people in a room, truly present and listening, sharing the experience of these masterworks and spontaneous creation.

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As always, thanks for taking the time to read this post!



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